Autographed Drawings by Rick Penn-Kraus

This collection of more than 200 autographs is a unique snapshot of celebrities, artists, authors, the famous and the infamous. Each drawing was drawn live, with the subject right there. Every autograph was personally requested by me at the time of the drawing.


Each autograph has a story, and what's particularly special are the comments written by each celebrity. They're funny, insulting, touching, and more.


Some of these portraits were drawn in about half an hour. Most were drawn within a few minutes, and some in as little as a few seconds.


Rick Penn-Kraus is a freelance creative director in Los Angeles with clients in international marketing, publishing, non-profits and more. He is also a professional fine artist, photographer, writer, cartoonist, musician, and software instructor. His biggest claim to fame is getting the last interview interview with actor Steve McQueen while still in high school — an exclusive, and the first in 10 years by the actor. Please visit Rick's website at